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Groundhog Day Re-emerges at Redland

Feb 02, 2024 , , ,

It’s the most wonderful day of the year… Groundhogs Day! Not only does Punxsutawney Phil tell us if there is more Winter or not, he also determines which holiday Redland associates will receive as a day off, President’s Day or Good Friday. That is how the Redland Groundhog Day tradition started, but since then it has evolved into so much more.

Our festivities begin with the annual spinning of the Groundhog wheel, this wheel determines what prize you will receive. Some walk away with a plush groundhog of their own, and others earn the chance to compete for Sir Whistlin’ Willy of Redland. Whistlin’ Willy is our trophy for the day, whoever wins him gets to keep him at their desk while also being immortalized on the Groundhog Day plaque.

The fun continues as “Groundhog Keepers” spend the next week caring for their new companions, making sure they keep them close. Keepers try to gather as many groundhogs as they can, and at the end of the week the keeper with the most is crowned champion! Safe to say there is a lot going on, but at Redland we prefer to make the most of our traditions. This is but one of the many events we look forward to each year, and we can’t wait to see what our staff comes up with next.

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