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Eight Years at Redland: Associate Spotlight

May 07, 2024 , , , ,

A significant milestone for all Redland associates is reaching their first sabbatical, a feat recently accomplished by our Associate Principal and Senior Planner, Susan Wade. As a part of Redland’s benefits, associates who reach the seven-year milestone earn four weeks of continuous leave and receive a travel bonus. Here is what Susan had to say after completing her sabbatical:

“We are so thankful to Redland for our amazing sabbatical program. When I initially set off on my sabbatical, I thought the purpose was to simply provide a break and reset. But what I really learned is the importance of looking at life from a different vantage point, experiencing how other parts of the world live, and gaining inspiration with every new day.

My husband (Russ) and I were fortunate to spend 14 days in London and Paris. We were amazed with the living history of Stonehenge, the Roman wall in London, the Tower of London, the Churchill War room, Notre-dame, and Arc de Triomphe (to name just a few). We are so grateful for this opportunity to pause reality to experience other worlds and create new memories together.” – Susan Wade

At Redland, we want our associates to thrive inside and outside of work. We appreciate all that Susan has done for this company to this post, and we are thrilled to see that that she used her sabbatical time so well.

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