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Redland Continues Annual Groundhog Day Traditions!

Feb 03, 2023 , ,

We at Redland have our holidays, and then we have Groundhog Day! Redland staff has gravitated towards the special day and even created our very own Groundhog Day festivities.

Staff gathers during lunch to spin the almighty Groundhog wheel, as it determines what task you will receive. Some associates receive the honor of being a groundhog keeper, others must wear a top hat to future events, but the real prize is winning the Redland Groundhog mascot. Competitors must compete in a Groundhog cornhole game for the chance to win the mascot and have their name added to the Redland Groundhog plaque. The competition was fierce, but our mascot found a new home, and a new Keeper was crowned.

Groundhog Day has grown into a staff favorite event, and it becomes more elaborate each time. This is just one of the many Redland events that we look forward to throughout the year.

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