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Redland Goes On-Site at Murphy Creek

May 13, 2024 , , ,

Last week, a group of Redlanders visited Murphy Creek, an upcoming project site in Aurora. The team examined current work under construction as Redland begins designing future filings. At Redland, we believe hands-on training and on-site education are essential to understanding potential problems and better solutions. This particular site visit examined the design work completed for alleys, drainage channels and ponds. 

Visiting an active site allows our engineers to see their work take life and their design’s impact on a project. This team closely examined utilities, drainage design, and the challenges of working with high-density alley-loaded homes. Murphy Creek includes four filings, with filings 1 and 2 under construction and Redland designing future filings 3 and 4. Filings 1 and 2 provided great design examples for alley-loaded townhomes, single-family detached lots, drainage channels and detention ponds.

These types of site walks, led by senior associates and project managers, are open events. They are made available to all associates, emphasizing our commitment to collaborative learning. It is an open forum and proves to be the best place to ask questions, fostering a culture of communication and shared knowledge. Redland conducts a number of smaller site visits each month, while also organizing two companywide site visits every year.

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